“Resubmitting for Verification of Grade”

SEGS Guarantees that all coins submitted to its grading service will be handled with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity SEGS guarantees the grade and authenticity of coins it has certified and encapsulated in an SEGS holder.  Furthermore, SEGS guarantees that every coin submitted to it shall be certified by the SEGS grading experts in strict accordance with the SEGS grading standards, policies and procedures.  Coin grading is a subjective science and always reflects the expert opinion of SEGS graders.

In the event the owner of a SEGS graded coin believes there has been an error in grading, the owner may resubmit the coin to SEGS for re-grading. If the new grade is lower than the grade originally assigned, SEGS agrees, at its discretion, to either purchase the coin from the owner at fair market value or pay the owner of the coin the difference between the coins’ fair market value at the new grade and the fair market value at the grade originally assigned. SEGS Will Buy-Back at fair market value Any coin in a SEGS Holder that is determined to be counterfeit, damaged (otherwise not mentioned on the holder), misgraded, or misattributed.
SEGS will be the sole determiner for the current fair market value of the coin based on what SEGS believes is reliable current market information. SEGS’ determination of fair market value shall be binding on all parties.

This Guarantee does not apply to any coin in a damaged, unsealed, counterfeit or altered SEGS holder; any clerical error(s) as to the description or grade of the coin; any “problem coins” that carry a “detail” and / or a “net” grade; any coin subjected to improper storage conditions such as extreme heat or cold, humidity, moisture, sunlight, etc.; and any coins removed from the SEGS holder.

SEGS cannot guarantee the liquidity of any coin graded by SEGS. SEGS certification of a particular coin cannot provide protection from the risks inherent in any market for such coins, if such a market exists.



SEGS has always assigned every coin we grade with a unique serial number that can be looked up at our website. Further we now provide a Hologram on the reverse to ensure anti-counterfiting of our highly regarded cases.


“Resubmitting for Verification of Grade Fee”… $20.00 per coin.


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