At a time when the “preservation” of coins wasn’t a priority within the third party grading services, SEGS’ main concern was ”preservation” while designing the SEGS capsule.  Our primary objective was to obtain the maximum degree of “inertness”.  We were determined to provide the majority, if not all, of the missing combination of fancies and necessary requirements to the consumer, the industry, and to conserve, as best we could, the coins that would be retained in the SEGS product.

The SEGS capsule is manufactured from the utmost inert materials available in todays’ market.  Our capsule is created from the same materials as quality controlled “inert” medical and food industry supplies.  The coin ring is also “inert” and extremely flexible, not only does it protect your coin edges during assembly and storage; it protects your coin from chemical damage.  Our capsule design allows for the ultra-sonic welding of the label in its own compartment, sealing any potential ink or paper contaminates within the label compartment.  It is, and has always been costly to us to provide these type products to the consumer but, this particular endowment of conservation and preservation to the industry and the forthcoming changes made by our competitors makes us exceptionally appreciative.

Our capsule has been tested by Dow Chemicals, Kodak, and United Laboratories.  One of the most esteemed chemists in the country tested the SEGS capsule against all competitors’ capsules and concluded that the SEGS capsule would protect the item encapsulated, in its condition at the time of encapsulation, for 100 years, and perhaps more. 

One of the premier features of the SEGS capsule is the “top viewing” label, so unique it was granted U.S. Patent #0423, 757.  Our labels are also color coded to further assist you in classification and storage of your encapsulated coins. This combination of features allows effortless cataloguing and retrieval of any “particular” coin.  The SEGS capsule eliminates the hours spent trying to locate any “specific” coin. The front and rear surfaces of SEGS capsules are designed to nest and are easily held and completely stackable on a flat surface.

Silver                                                     All U.S. silver coins (excluding U.S. Dollars)

Printers Ink Lavender                      All U.S. Dollars

Copper                                                  All U.S. Copper including some Early Colonial Coppers

Blue                                                       All Foreign coins, Medals, Tokens, etc.


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